First Baptist Church
Room Reservation Form

Room requested: ______________________________________________________

Name of User:_________________________________________________________

Date required:_________________ Time:_____________AM/PM to ________AM/PM

(Note: The time request should cover not only the meeting, but also set up and clean up.)

Purpose for reserving: ________________________________________

Approximately how many people are expected? ____________________

How many chairs and tables will be needed? ________________Chairs (150 available) __________________________ Tables (10 round, 10 Rectangular available)

Other needs and comments: (ie kitchen)__________________________________________


Responsible party: ________________________________

Address: _____________________________________

City: ________________________________________

State: _______________________________________

Phone: __________________ Fax:________________ E-mail:_____________________

Facility use policy:

Smoking is not permitted in any building. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the premises. Those using the church building are responsible for setting up the room and cleaning up after the events as well as any damage or loss caused by their use of the facility. A $100 non-refundable deposit, to be applied to the total fee, is required in order to reserve a room. The cost will be $150 per hour for the Fellowship Hall, $250 for the Sanctuary, and  $50 per hour for the Library  with a minimum of two hours for all rooms. Other rooms may be reserved for $25 per hour. The date and times must be clear on the church calendar and must be approved by the pastor or business administrator. The reservation covers only the date and times recorded above. Any changes must be made in writing, and approved prior to the amended date and times. Full payment must be received by the church office two weeks prior to the date of use.

I, the undersigned have read and agree to abide by the above policy.

Signature of responsible party: _______________________________ Date:__________

Office Use Only

Deposit: ___________________ Date paid:_____________
Balance Received_____________ Date: _________________
Approved by: ______________________________________
Facility will be opened by ____________________________
Facility will be closed by _____________________________

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