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What Does Easter Mean to You?   

     The Day It All Changed!

by Pastor Rick Line

In history we read accounts of all types of people, heroes and villains, who made a change for their time and beyond. Some made huge impacts upon the world's culture and left their mark on history as we know it. But One made an impact that changed it all for all of history! Jesus.

Surprisingly it was not his birth, as miraculous as that was, or his life, as perfect as it was, that changed everything. It wasn't even his death, as cruel, torturous, undeserving and sacrificial as it was, that left the undeniable mark on all aspects of history past, present and through all eternity. It was that Jesus didn't stay dead!

The resurrection of Jesus Christ changed everything! Everyone else who has lived was born, lived and either has or will die. But with Jesus, God the Son, who humbled himself to be born into the flesh of mankind, that was not the end of the story. It was Jesus being bodily raised from death to new life that made the difference! If there was no resurrection we wouldn't have even heard of Jesus. There would have been no reason for anyone to tell the story beyond the first few decades, even though he performed miracles. If he had stayed dead, like everyone else, his followers would have quietly disappeared, fearful that they too might be executed because of their association with Jesus.

Without the resurrection what was the "good news" for the Apostles to tell? Would they rush into a town and start preaching "live like Jesus and you too can be crucified!" The promises of forgiveness, God's mercy, salvation and eternal life are only valid if Jesus was truly God in the flesh. There would have been no proof, no reason to believe, if Jesus was dead in the grave. But that is not the account of what happened with Jesus.

Yes, Jesus was killed, crucified on a Roman cross by professional executioners. Yes, his stone cold body was hurriedly prepared for burial, wrapped in grave clothes and placed in a tomb on Friday evening, shortly before the Sabbath began at sundown. The tomb was closed and sealed with a large (probably 2 ton) stone and then Roman guards were assigned sentry duty to assure the body could not be stolen or tampered with. But, none of that stopped God. On Sunday morning, the third day, people found the tomb empty! That was strange but still not proof of anything.

Throughout that day and then for the next 40 days, Jesus appeared bodily to more than 500 people. He walked with them. He talked with them. He ate with them. These were eye witnesses to the risen Jesus. Some doubted until they touched him. He taught them, encouraged them and prepared them for the changes they would make in the world by telling the truth of His resurrection and the difference it makes. He then commissioned his disciples to spread the "good news" and, with his disciples watching, ascended bodily into the heavens. He Lives! He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

Jesus said …, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?" John 11:25-26 NIV

Want to know how this can make a difference in your life? Learn more by coming to Celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ with us on Easter Sunday, April 20. Worship is at 10 AM. Come early for a light brunch and children's Easter Egg Hunt at 9:15. All guests will receive the publication The Hope of Easter as our gift to you.

Pastor Rick




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Good News at FBC

Congratulations to Lily Cass and her friend Sara for winning the Menlo Park School debate contest in March. 9 rounds undefeated.
He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!!

Wonderful Sermon series through the book of James begins in April after Easter


Coming Events

Tuesday Evening Bible Study
Tuesday Evenings at 6:30pm
Come take a look at the first chapters of Exodus and see how God builds a nation; from the birth of Moses, childhood in a palace, the burning bush, to the final departure from Egypt. See what lessons can be learned from all this for us today. We'll also see how Jesus' death is foreshadowed in the last plague and other places and ways that he shows up. We can learn what God deems important then and now.


Sermon Schedule for April

April 20 Easter Religion is Dead - Jesus is ALIVE
New Study in the Book of James
April 27- Handling Trials and Temptations
May 4 Put your Faith in Motion




What Does Easter Mean to You?

By Connie Line

Is Easter just a time to scatter eggs, or a chance
to wear a new outfit?
Maybe it's a time to feast with family, while
sitting around a barbecue pit?

Perhaps it's a time to rest and read
after a hard week of toil,
Or lounge in your backyard, sunning, all lathered
in suntan oil?

"No" should be your answer, because it is not
a day to honor you!
But rather a day to praise Our Lord for giving us
salvation and hope that is true.

Jesus did not have to give us a way to God
after all the ways we sin.
He chose to take our punishment so our new
lives in Himself could begin.

He hung upon a rugged cross, wearing a crown of thorns
thirsting and pain ridden while His mother and friends were grief torn.

No, He did not have to do this but He chose to anyway
Because His love went beyond His pain and our debts He gladly would pay!

But that is not the end of the story or there would be no need to praise.
Jesus not only died for us but rose from the grave in three days!

He lives, He lives Christ Jesus lives today!
This is the right reason to celebrate Easter,
Hallelujah and Hooray!